Help ons, de wetgever verdrinkt! Waarom grondwettelijke hoven niet zonder juridische archeologie kunnen

Op vrijdag 25 september 2020 werd em. prof. dr. baron André Alen, voorzitter van het Grondwettelijk Hof, toegelaten tot het emeritaat. Daags voordien verscheen het Liber amicorum André Alen, getiteld ‘Semper perseverans’, als eerbetoon. Een speciale blogreeks vestigt de aandacht op verschillende bijdragen van het boek. In deze blogpost staat mr. Frank Judo stil bij de confrontatie van het Grondwettelijk Hof met wetten uit het (verre) verleden via de grondwettigheidstoetsing.

Economic, Social and Political Costs of the (Non-)Realisation of Human Rights: Towards a New Social Contract


‘Can We Still Afford Human Rights?’ This was the provocative question asked by the four editors of the book Can We Still Afford Human Rights? Critical Reflections on Universality, Proliferation and Costs (Edward Elgar 2020). A question which several authors aim to answer in their contributions to the book. In the volume, 14 chapters focus on one of the three interlinked topics of universality, proliferation and costs. In this blog series, three posts relating to the book focus on one of these topics respectively. In this last post of the blog series, prof. dr.  Felipe Gómez Isa questions whether costs really provide a counter-argument to the realization of human rights and considers the way forward. 

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What’s POPSing? Creating valuable privately-owned public spaces in Brussels

The Tour & Taxis park has been described by De Standaard as “a quirky lab between slum and loft, for the city of today and tomorrow”. Adjacent to the park, “a bustling neighbourhood for everyone in Brussels to enjoy” with “generous space for people to stroll and relax together, or to attend events, exhibitions and festivals” shall arise. These promising descriptions rely on the public character of the area, whereas it is actually privately-owned. This blog post examines the legal status of such “privately-owned public spaces” in Brussels. Continue reading “What’s POPSing? Creating valuable privately-owned public spaces in Brussels”